The Folkadelic Story

Tired of playing the baritone uke alone on the streets on Kansas City, Matt had little choice but move to Berlin, where news had reached him that guitarist Chris was also playing drunken sorrow. Having rescued his grandfather's upright bass from a musty basement, the duo later encountered a wild bunch of swingers and strummers on a musical trip from the mosquito infested backwoods of Brandenburg. Playing by moonlight and bonfire for summers on end, the group finally moved indoors so that Marco's guitar and Christian's drums wouldn't suffer the same fate as Chris's bass. Before long, even stranger sounds began to emerge, thanks to the beats and treats from Makks and his obsession with noise. These modern day hobos knew there was no turning back home, however, when Barnim the wandering banjo player emptied his bag of homemade instruments for the world to enjoy!
Folkadelic Hobo Jamboree: a musical mystery, a fine waste of time, a name german fans still can't pronounce? Yes! All that and more...
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